It’s been a busy week, haven’t had a chance to read Entertainment Weekly as thoroughly as I normally do, but wanted to do some Lost prep before the big premiere next Tuesday (jumpy claps!) and there he is, lasering my loins again, a quiveration sniper, in two photos that conjure up the sad fantasies. You know, when I cut out Michelle Williams’s face and replace it with my own. And imagine Ryan Gosling embracing me from behind like this, only we’re walking down the street, and he’s teasing me about something, and we laugh, the kind of private laugh that makes passersby smile but also makes them a little jealous, in that way that we are all naturally a little jealous of another’s happiness, not so much begrudgingly but wistfully, while the two of us are blissfully oblivious, and then we start talking and debating whether or not Salinger’s estate will and should publish his remaining works and/or make Catcher in the Rye into a movie (and this deserves its own post don’t you think) and this continues until we get home and …




And he is torture this week. TORTURE.

Anyway, here are Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams – portraits from Sundance for Entertainment Weekly. Click here for more of them.