Last night Ryan Gosling hit up the Art of Elysium party in the same cardigan he wore 2 nights ago to another event on some yacht. He packed light. I really love this.

This afternoon Ryan was at the American Pavilion participating on a panel discussion with Michelle Williams and Derek their director. I'm writing this on blackberry right now so I'm not able to look up his last name. Besides, you only want to know about Ryan anyway.

Obviously he was hot. Wolfed down McDonald's. Charmed the audience. Spent a lot of time signing autographs and taking pictures with the film students. And then...

He shared his gummy bear candies.


This has to stop.

Because now I'm at AMFAR at the du Cap waiting in the press line for arrivals and he's expected here tonight, Michelle too, and he'll be in his tux, and if they auction off a kiss with him, as they do every year with a celebrity (last time it was Robert Pattinson), I just might spend all the money we've been saving to buy a house.

I'll try to tweet from the event. Click here for my Twitter.

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