Goddamn he looks good in French sunshine. GodDAMN. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams and the cast of Blue Valentine just came through here for the photocall. Michelle’s short very blonde hair is gorgeous. Perfect. Very, very chic. And while the dress was a little too dark perhaps for this time of year, it fit her beautifully, and her little legs on top of those sick ass shoes were lovely.

But now about him...

How do I tell you about the way he walked up the stops playfully teasing his young costar? How do I describe to you the beaming smile she gave him whenever he held her hand? How do I convince him that he should look at me the way he looks at Michelle Williams? Part tenderness, part affection, part something else in my imagination. But it’s the way he looks at anyone he’s paying attention to. You get ALL his focus. When he speaks to you, and when he listens to you, you are the only thing that matters in his life at that moment. It was like this with the child, it’s like this with Michelle, it’s like this with the security lady who directed him towards the door.

I watched them walk away from us towards the other side of the palais. His gait, his pants, I can replay it all day in my mind.

Am a little wobbly now and must rush to another assignment. It’s probably a good thing. Ryan, as you know, is terrible for productivity.

Photos from Wenn.com and Michael Buckner/Andreas Rentz/Sean Gallup/Gettyimages.com