Many of you have been gushing over the New York Magazine feature of Ryan Gosling – he’s on the cover, there’s a video and an extensive interview. Click here if you missed it.

I didn’t love the article. Sorry. The part where he graciously compliments fellow actors Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, and James Franco WENT TO FILM SCHOOL is great. Very classy. But I hated the part about his fake Brooklyn accent. And the Molotov cocktail at the beginning was so much Try. And the ballet lessons (revealed by Michelle Williams)? Come ON.

I’m not saying it’s a deal breaker, no no no, of course not, not even close. I’m just saying this interview didn’t ADD to my affection for him. And now we’re talking about fickleness again. I have explained this before, but I’ve recently started to see it in a slightly different light. A superior one. Ha! Because you all, you make excuses for your fantasy subjects. Which is crazy to me. We make excuses in real life, all the time. We have to. Why should excuses then be a part of fantasy life? The whole point is perfection. If you can’t be perfect for more than 5 minutes then that’s how long the fantasy lasts. 5 minutes. And then I move on. From James Franco. Because it would be exhausting making excuses for James Franco. Fickle? Sure. But if you keep allowing for excuses for your fantasy, you’re attempting to make that real. And, um, I’ll take fickle over delusional.

I’m not so fickle however that there’s no room for balance. Ryan’s Brooklyn accent may have been a minus but his interview with Josh Horowitz (who is doing the best interviews these days) totally made up for it. He addresses the F-ck Yeah! Ryan Gosling meme and the way he giggles through this is ADORABLE. I mean, I could watch it all day and not blog. In fact, I’ve already watched it twice not blogging.

So, you know, there’s the Brooklyn accent...and then there’s being hot and cute like this. And there’s a payoff at the end too. “You know how I do” followed by man slap ... please! THAT is where the quiver’s at.

Also...bonus: Ryan on marriage.



And one more thing:

More and more accounts of Ryan with Blake Lively the other night at the Blue Valentine premiere. Now according to the NY Daily News they were “devouring” each other at the afterparty.