If you've been reading my blog long enough you know that forever ever ever I've been hoping for Natalie Portman and Ryan Gosling. Forever. They were briefly dealing with each other about a year and a half ago - a couple of friendly outings and text messages - but that died fast and never picked up again. Boner killer.

He once said she's "like water" and publicly declared a crush. That was before The Notebook. Now he's an undercover player and she's dating a ballet dancer.

But this weekend they were both at the Academy's Governors Awards. Ryan took his ma. So cute. Is it too much to hope for that there was a moment where their eyes met and they realised it's time? Doubtful. But still. It's an imaginary celebrity couple I'm not willing to give up.

Also he just turned 30. Celebrated his birthday at Disneyland. What is his deal with Disneyland? I suppose it's like Mickey Mouse Club nostalgia for him...but how many times do you need to hit that place before you don’t need to go anymore? I was there a few weeks ago, on a Saturday. The children. So many of them. Even for him, I'd make a face if he wanted that to be our first date.

Photos from Frederick M. Brown/MARK RALSTON/Gettyimages.com