Maybe if it’s been a rough one you should skip this post. I might ruin your day.

Olivia Wilde though is, um, better than Blake Lively, right?

Olivia Wilde is done with her husband. Then she went to the Golden Globes and was photographed all happy and sh-t laughing with Ryan Gosling at a party.

Ryan Gosling is in Cincinnati shooting a movie with George Clooney.

Olivia Wilde doesn’t have a reason to be in Cincinnati. Except…

There’s a video of them at the aquarium. Together. And it certainly looks like a date. The body language looks like it’s a date.

The video was taken by some woman who was recording her own visit to the aquarium and then she got all distracted and stalkery and wanted to ask him for a photo etc. I LOVE her boyfriend. You can hear him tell her, basically, that she’d be a loser if she disturbed him and that if she did he wouldn’t want to know her. Twi-Hards needs something like this in their lives.

Anyway, something is happening between Ryan Gosling and Olivia Wilde.

Start at minute 12.

Photos from Frazer Harrison/