Arguments for:
-See Jake Gyllenhaal, previous. Do we really have to do this?
-He’s Ryan Gosling.
-Hey Girl
-Colouring book 
-Hug pillows 
-He is Manic Pixie Dream Boy
-La La Land is the frontrunner for Best Picture. A big box office would increase its chances even more. It will be released in time for the holidays. They want this to be a Christmastime love story. They need women in those theatres, crying and hugging each other and falling for him all over again.

Arguments against:
-He’s turned it down before. The year Bradley Cooper was Sexiest Man Alive? Supposedly it was because Ryan was like, “no thanks”. But PEOPLE will offer it to him every f-cking year. What’s the special factor for him here, then? It’s not like it would be an achievement.
-Same rationale as Jake Gyllenhaal: this is not how he wants to be seen
-Ryan has become increasingly private since he and Eva Mendes became parents. We barely even knew they were pregnant, both times. And accepting a title like this, with all that comes with it, is like an invitation to people to wonder more about their family, their children.

Odds: 30 to 1