Can you feel the rain? The rain on the rowboat? The crazy McGoslings are watching The Notebook. Which they do every day. Only the difference between today and every other day is hope.

There is hope.

Hope is alive!

Ryan Gosling DJ’d at the Green Door in Hollywood on Tuesday night. Slipping out the back door with him as he left was none other than Rachel McAdams. Click here for the photo.

This just a couple of weeks after Ryan was seen hand in hand with an attractive woman in New York. She claims it’s nothing, that she’s married, that they are simply friends – clearly the version preferred by the superfans pining for a reconciliation.

Certainly seems possible…

But getting photographed together isn’t a great start. The McGosling frenzy that’s sure to result from getting photographed together makes it worse.

As I’ve reported repeatedly, Rachel was extremely uncomfortable by the attention surrounding her relationship, particularly by those who projected a Notebook mystique to the reality she and Ryan shared. And now that the mass swooning has started anew, how will she deal... if there is actually something to deal about?