Emails for weeks, frantic with worry, anxious that their favourite couple could be no more only because there have been so few photos – well now you McGoslings can sleep easy. These taken last night – together at the Seeds of Tolerance Awards, no they were never broken up, I repeat, no they were never broken up, and yes they are engaged but they’ve been engaged for months…this is NOT news, and if you’ve been reading my column for a while, you’ll note that in the summer, I reported she wears her ring on a chain around her neck. As for why the pink hair? No clue. But seriously McGoslings…just because they don’t famewhore for the cameras every second day doesn’t mean you need to start blubbering about a break up. When in doubt, go back your happy places, ok? Go back to the Notebook, think of Allie and Noah’s enduring love, think of the boat and the river, think of the easel by the window, the stack of letters, the ferris wheel, the lake… there there...there you go. Now open your eyes and start naming their babies again. Feel better now? Source