Inbox flooded with anxious McGosling messages, knickers tied up in knots over some report from last night’s LA Confidential party honouring Forest Whitaker – that Ryan showed up and left holding hands with a girl who wasn’t Rachel McAdams. Chill. I’m hearing it was probably his sister Mandy. I wasn’t there but he’s taken her to parties before, and she’ll be attending the Oscars at his side so it’s definitely not a stretch. As for whether or not Rachel is coming, as far as we last heard…yes. The last update I had on their relationship was about a week ago. They were fine. More than fine. And she is apparently getting her US citizenship as more and more major players want to work with her stateside. Anyway, I’ll be on the carpet and watching all entries into the Kodak Theatre on Sunday night, I promise I’ll keep my wonky eye locked on Ryan at all times. Don’t forget CTV coverage starting at 6pm ET, 3PM PT, and for all you international readers – the CTV Broadband network is open for everyone so log on and you too can watch us live at the Oscars on Sunday! I’ll be smutting with no 5 second time delay!