Received an email from a reader called Brittany today who wrote in with the following sighting: "hey lainey i met ryan gosling today in iowa!!!! i stopped at a gas station with my boyfriend and believe it or not ryan gosling was there. i couldn"t believe it! i went up to him and he was very nice! he talked to me and my boyfriend for a few minutes and told us he was on his way to canada and was making a pitstop for a few minutes. he had a big shaggy looking dog with him too. he was really sweet and sexy as hell in person! i managed to get his autograph! i was dying to ask him about rachel macadams and if their still together but figured that would obviously be rude. hope you enjoy my little encounter though!" I did enjoy it Brittany – thank you! As for you “McGosling” fans: in response to your daily emails expressing anxiety about the relationship just because Rachel and Ryan have been publicly sighted anywhere, like I said a couple of weeks ago, there is no change… it’s a non issue, they’re still together. Rachel was in Toronto on Tuesday night, dining at New Generation Sushi and Ryan according to Brittany appears to be driving across the USA, and as we reported tonight on eTalk, he is scheduled to start shooting a new movie in Toronto next week, which means they’ll be in the same city and you can go back to being happy and naming their children again. As always, I’ll keep you posted.