OK - it"s an exclusive. I"ve been sitting on this for a couple of weeks, and while I haven"t been able to nail down proof positive, 100% People Magazine level confirmation - I thought I"d throw it to you anyway, give those rabid Notebook fans something to get hysterical about. You"re familiar with the rumours that they are engaged, right? Well now I"ve heard from multiple sources that they are considering a move to Cali. As in looking for a home. And yet, the same sources report that they are torn between spending time in the States and staying in Ontario, especially since there is buzz about a baby on the way and Rachel wanting to stay close to home. I"m told they"re happy to start a family sooner rather than later, that this would naturally result in a hush hush wedding. Now before you lose your sh*t - it"s early, I"m still following up with other leads, so take it for what it"s worth. But seriously…wouldn"t that be the sweetest thing, like, ever? Anyway, here"s Rachel in LA the other day and then another of the 2 of them leaving for New York. Total Canadian gorgessity. Photos from JustJared