I don’t need Ryan Gosling to bring his dog on a talk show. I don’t need him to walk down the street with an instrument and a daisy gait. I don’t need to see him with his shirt off. Or in a beater tank reading poetry at a cafe. I don’t need him to have a clever, clever story to tell on a talk show. I don’t need him to fake a Yankee accent. I just need to see him kissing his dog, smelling his dog, hugging his dog, shoving his face into his dog’s neck...which has just inspired me to rush over to my dog (Barney), interrupt his nap, and shove my face into his neck. If this is what you give me, this is all I’ll ever want.

Ryan Gosling had George with him on the set of The Place Beyond The Pines the other day. Not sure who the toothbrush is for. Also attached - Bradley Cooper in various costume changes. I think the red shirt and shorts is the real him and the rest is wardrobe for the film. Obviously the objective of the film is to make him look as unsexy as possible.

Photos from Thelonius/Splashnewsonline.com