Ryan Gosling: life on the road

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 21, 2009 09:57:51 October 21, 2009 09:57:51

Dead Man’s Bones played Toronto last night, and Montreal before that. Thanks to all of you from every stop along the way who’ve written with your experiences. By all accounts, he’s lovely, and gracious, and sexy as f-ck, and takes time with the fans, and you want him. Badly. Don’t blame you. SO hot.

And he unloads the gear too.

As for whether or not, um, Ryan’s enjoying the lifestyle of a rockstar on the road…


There’s a rumour that he hooked up with a girl after his DJ gig at the Tribeca Grand in New York last week. Picked her out of a crowd, allegedly, and they left together. Not totally slam dunk. She could be a famewhore hoping to cash in with her story but I know you all are a horny lot. And if this is a ray of hope for you to fuel fantasies of a night of amazingness… by all means, giv’er.

Me I’m still hoping he and Kat Dennings are still on the menu.

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