Again, I feel the urge to apologise first. Not that I’m sorry about them being together and certainly not now having seen them in real life because, Jesus, it’s almost too much sexy in one couple, but sorry that you all seem to harbour some hate for them, or her, and so I’m sorry for the following details from after the screening for The Place Beyond The Pines.

But first, apparently there was some Twi-Hard who screamed YOU’RE SEXY at Ryan Gosling during the Q&A at the Princess Of Wales Theatre.  “That’s inappropriate”, he said. Not sure the tone. But later on Eva Mendes kissed him on the cheek which I’ll read as a f-ck you to all the crazy horny bitches and if that’s the case, I really love it.

You know, with his fake Brooklyn accent and his arty priorities, Ryan Gosling doesn’t get enough credit for doing business. He was already there when Laura and I arrived at the after-party and he spent the next hour working the room, shaking hands, talking to the money people, talking up the wives of the money people, talking to all the right people, charming the people...

Not unlike George Clooney. They’re very similar those two. I’m not sure Ryan is ready to acknowledge that yet. But that was a campaigner we were watching; that was not just an actor. While he sold the movie, Eva was hanging out with the aunties. Ryan’s ma was there and she had some relatives or close family friends there with her (they were very obviously the only non industry types at the event) and Eva knew them all, and they all seemed close, and she spent time with them for quite a while, showing each other pictures and laughing about whatever, ignoring all the Hollywood people who would have very much enjoyed some of her attention. She is in tight.

After he was finished glad-handing, Ryan and Eva sat down on a bench where she rubbed his back all like, good job honey, you did great. And then he leaned to her cheek first, asking for a kiss. And she kissed him on the cheek and they whispered and he gave her one his super intense looks at one point and, again, here comes the apology...

Ryan and Eva are ON. If you’re looking for something to cling to, something to help you with the denial, I’m sorry I can’t help you.

Anyway, when their moment was over they both stood and spent the rest of the time behaving like host and hostess. And I’m not going to indulge that reductive part of you that wants me to say that she seems more into it that he is just because he’s Ryan Gosling and she’s older. From my vantage point, he’s keeping her there too. I left before they did but the last time I looked back, they were standing with his mother, making plans to go home together, and it seemed very ...familiar.

Sorry. Again.