The last time Eva Mendes was pregnant for Ryan Gosling everyone else was trying to believe that they’d broken up. Then she got photographed super blurry with some bags in front of her body effectively ending the discussion about them not being together any more.

Eva did not join Ryan during award season. Predictably people started up with that bullsh-t again of them splitting. Even though I told you, on Oscar night, I wrote in this post, that:

“… multiple sources tell me that they are definitely not broken up. They are actually the exact opposite of broken up.”

And again, two weeks after that, in this post, that:

“..even though Eva wasn’t with him through award season, you’ll note that they’re together. They were together. So they’re still together. And it’s as fine as it can possibly be.”

Still your Notebook blindness prevented you from picking up on my very obvious clues. And that was 6 weeks ago. Yesterday US Weekly was the first to report that Eva and Ryan are expecting their second child. Then the Daily Mail outbid every other outlet to get exclusives shots of them together in LA yesterday day showing Eva covering her body with a large tote – click here to see. She’s not early in the pregnancy either. So it’s like last time. The news is only coming out now that, for them, it’s not news. He’s supposed to start promoting The Nice Guys very soon though. I wonder how he’s going to manage that.