You’ve probably seen these - Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes loving each other where dreams come true. I said the other day that there was affection and backtouching. Turns out there was also handholding and kissing. So it’s happening. They’re happening. I want it to happen naked on video on my computer. HOT. (Also these photos made a LOT of money. And this is why I couldn’t post them right away. Because I had to wait for the rate to go down.)

Ryan is now in Toronto for TIFF. Am told he was asking about a yoga class this morning
He’s promoting The Ides of March with George Clooney which will be part of the mayhem at Roy Thompson Hall tomorrow night and also Drive, in theatres in 2 weeks which you HAVE to see if you need to wash away the taste of Disneyland that’s blocking your quiver. Well, at least it’s been blocking mine.

Come on. It’s lame. Stop looking at his biceps and admit it’s lame. Once, fine. Twice? Marginal. Over and over again? LAME.

Not lame?

His performance in Drive.

Also not lame?

Ryan talking about the time he broke up a street fight in New York. Click here if you missed it. (Let’s ignore the reoccurring hitched up pant leg, ok?) When asked about the incident by MTV, Ryan explained that it was a fan who desperately wanted a piece of art but had no money to buy it. The thief was getting the beats by the actual artist. Which, I mean, if I’m telling the story, I’m like - dude is poor and tried to rob. Ryan’s perspective... it’s a lot more compassionate and sexy:

"I'm embarrassed. I should have just kept my nose out of it. (The guy was taking something that he loved a lot.) Which means the guy was a fan, and so he wanted the painting so bad he had to steal it because he couldn't afford it. So he finally steals the painting and he's getting his ass kicked by his hero, and then the guy from The Notebook shows up and makes it weirder. The whole thing, nobody wins. Nobody won. I did not win."

SO cute, right? The way he refers to himself as “the guy from The Notebook”? It’s genuinely self deprecating. It’s very sincere. I dig it a lot. More of this then and less of Mickey Mouse, please?

And more of Ryan + George Clooney in suits on the carpet. It happens in 24 hours. Roy Thompson Hall is going to be a wet mess.

Source. And if you’re in the US that link will take you to the video which is not accessible in Canada, f-ckers.

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