After the high of watching Reese Witherspoon’s dash-cam arrest video, have I just brought you down? Eva Mendes is still Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend and he’s directing her in his new movie How To Catch A Monster currently shooting in Detroit. They are very professional on set. But then they go home together and it’s happy couple time.

Are you mad at me?

Don’t be mad!

Here, enjoy this again and, as my friend Lorella noted re: “I’m an American citizen” -- so only immigrants should be arrested? If it were me, a Chinese person, would they’ve sent me back on the next boat?

As for Ryan -- Monster marks his directorial debut. Can you imagine? Here’s a guy who asks “what’s my motivation?” for a scene that probably just requires him to walk across the room. What’s he like in the director’s chair?

Ryan will be heading to Cannes for Only God Forgives later this month. The last time he was there, for Drive, it was all bromance with Nicolas Winding Refn. Chances are we’ll get a repeat of that. And maybe a reunion with his Cannes co-star Carey Mulligan. Very curious to see if Eva Mendes will join him for the trip.