STAR Magazine is reporting that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes went over to Brange’s for lunch with their baby Esmeralda recently. It was recently announced that Pitt and Gosling would be working on a new film together called The Big Short along with Christian Bale.

How come Christian Bale wasn’t invited? Brange looked pretty friendly with Bale and his wife Sibi at the Oscars last year.

The writers at STAR probably forgot about that when they were coming up with the story. And it’s one of those stories that you have to accept as truth because it’s not like they’re going to go to the effort to deny it. They’d look like idiots if they were to deny it.

“I didn’t go to Brange’s for lunch…”?

“We didn’t invite Ryan and Eva over for lunch and we didn’t meet their baby…”?

So this is what we’re left with. Something about Brad and Ryan getting super close now that they have a project to put together and Eva always been an admirer of the Jolie and wanting so badly to be friends with her.

I mean, f-ck, don’t get me wrong. I’d love that. I’d love that power foursome, of course I would. I’d love if Angelina became Esmeralda’s godmother, if she started bringing Eva along with her on humanitarian missions, if Brad and Ryan went up and down the Pacific Coast Highway on their bikes together, like the new Easy Riders.

But are Brad and Ryan really the new Matt and Ben? Can you see it?