It was revealed last week that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting their second child together. US Weekly broke the story. Click here for a refresher. Does that explain why posted the stupidest headline yesterday? Here’s how it read:

Because, typically, expectant parents want their children to grow up as “abnormal” as possible? Is that the general rule that makes Eva and Ryan the exception?

Anyway, the story is about how even though Eva and Ryan are private people, they’re still awesome parents to their daughter Esmeralda:

"They may be very private, but they still have a fun life," a source tells PEOPLE. "They just go out of their way to make sure Esmeralda gets to grow up as normal as possible. Whenever Eva and Ryan are together, they look very happy."

Basically they could be talking about any couple with a child. And the rest of the article is about the same – nothing fresh, but for some reason, this sh-t is considered “information” to the MiniVan Majority. Or a source of great disappointment to those of you still holding out for Rachel+Ryan. You are ridiculous. And I see you.

In other Ryan news though, he and Russell Crowe will soon to be promoting The Nice Guys. Ahead of the press tour, the two have released a video playing on their chemistry together. Russell doesn’t have to do much here but live up to his crusty-ass reputation. To make that even more effective, however, Ryan has to be annoying. This is not the Ryan Gosling who man-coaches Steve Carell in Crazy Stupid Love. This Ryan Gosling cuts people off when they’re talking, and doesn’t know when to stop talking, and eventually, the idea here is that we’re supposed to become Russell and punch him in the face. Who wouldn’t want to punch him in the face? We’ve put his face on cuddle pillows and colouring books. We’ve turned him into One Direction and Justin Bieber. Have you ever wanted to punch Justin Bieber in the face? Yeah? Well then you want to punch Ryan Gosling in the face. Ryan Gosling probably wants to punch Ryan Gosling in the face. I’m going to love this movie. He’s going to be so good in this movie.


Attached - Ryan out for lunch in Los Feliz last week.