Ryan Gosling was in Detroit yesterday as production on The Ides of March has moved there after Cincinnati. Ryan stopped for autographs and a few photos. And that is totally a Josh Lyman tie. I miss Josh Lyman. Is his character a little Josh Lyman-y? OMG can you imagine? Josh Lyman’s personality – and gait – with Ryan Gosling’s everything else? Please let there be a lot of walking and talking in George Clooney’s movie. Around corners especially.

Anyway, that was Ryan’s fan encounter in Michigan.

There was last weekend a fan encounter with John Mayer that went a little differently. Thanks Alicia for the email. What you are about to read has not been edited:

Karla was in New York last weekend, at Spring Street Bar, in Nolita, with her friend Megan... and they spotted John Mayer. He's tall/Broad shoulders... not that attractive... with scruff on his face... wearing a blazer. Megan ( a huge fan of john's) went up to him and asked him for a photo. He refused arrogantly and said " it's too late".

Megan was horrified and hurt... and super pissed. What an ass!

Karla decided to approach him later on in the night to see if she could get a pic with him for Megan.

Karla : I'm a huge fan of your music
John : oh thanks.
Karla : Can i please get a quick photo with you ( and held up her camera)
John: no. it's too late.
Karla : ohhh - that's too bad.. i'm a really big fan
John : Listen. If i asked you to have sex with me…and you said no... then no means no ... right?
Karla: ( horrified) fine. sorry to bother you.

Look, you know already what I think about celebrity approaches etc. I’m not into it. Having said that, there’s a way to say no… and I’m not sure comparing it to date rape is the best way to go about it.


Photos from Stephen Fernandez/Splashnewsonline.com