I have been very productive today. Over 20 articles posted, 6,000 words, a few more items to cover...so I’ve avoided looking at photos of Ryan Gosling at Sundance. Because I can’t. I cannot physically hold my sh-t together if I spend too much time with him. It HURTS. In a sick, twisted way, he is so hot, and so sex, and so MORE than the Freebie 5, it hurts.

Sanity is very important to me. This is why, when it comes to Ryan, I’m almost happy he doesn’t get papped every day. It would be torture every day.

So let’s get through this quickly...

Ryan was in LA before heading to the festival. On his alone time he hit up a Starbucks for what looks like a double shot and a snack, and perhaps a fidgety phone call. When you’re alone and you think people are watching you, do pull out your blackberry and pretend?

Then it was on to Park City to screen his upcoming Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams. Since we love setting up celebrities, I am totally all over this one. Ryan and Michelle. Yes. Approve. But before they settle down for good, it wouldn’t bother me at all if he hooked up with Kristen Stewart for a volatile, passionate, hungry, dramatic short-lived affair. Every young woman needs one of those.

As for Ryan and Michelle, well they’ve known each other forever. Since before Heath. And in Blue Valentine they play a couple trying to save their marriage by looking back at the past. Something like that. MTV has an exclusive clip which I knew was a bad idea to watch but I did it anyway and felt all tense and yearn-y in my stomach because he’s pulling a douchey boyfriend move here and does it so convincingly, it’s like being 20 all over again and falling for this sh-t. I really want to be his girlfriend.



Time to shut this down now. I don’t even know if I can see this movie.


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