Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams were seen together in Brooklyn having dinner the other day prompting some speculation that they could be getting it on.

If so, am all over it. Love it. Love it a little less than I love Ryan and Natalie Portman but if he and Rachel can’t fulfill The Notebook, Michelle Williams is an acceptable consolation, non?

She’s arty and independent and has a bad attitude since reformed after ditching Heath Ledger, with tons of potential and a proven indie track record and she’s refreshingly gorgeous– Michelle and Ryan are very, very compatible.

And also very very likely just friends having worked together a few years ago on The United States of Leland. Given that Ryan has been kickin’ around NYC for a couple of weeks, it’s not entirely unusual for him to head over to Brookly and catch up with a former co-star…although it’s also entirely possible for sparks to start flying.

Right now, no indication if they did. Will keep you posted.