A new trailer for Shane Black’s film The Nice Guys has debuted and this movie looks f*cking fantastic. This is the theater-friendly green band trailer, which will undoubtedly be in front of Superhero Face Punch this weekend, so it’s missing some of the violent sight gags of the previous red band cut. But I still love everything from the rhythm of the editing to this trailer to the way Ryan Gosling cries and screams. And I LOVE every second of Gosling and Russell Crowe on screen together. Black specializes in odd-couple crime capers, and Gosling and Crowe look like his best pairing yet.

I’m a little nervous for this movie to come out in May, because that’s prime superhero real estate, and The Nice Guys looks like the sort of adult-oriented filmmaking everyone keeps saying they want more of at the movies, yet no one actually goes to see at the movies. Distributor Warner Brothers is setting this up as counter-programming, which isn’t a bad idea, except I think that “counter-programming” for movies is now basically “television”. So I hope The Nice Guys isn’t being set up to fail, because this looks like the kind of movie that deserves to have a lot of eyeballs on it.