This is the first still from the upcoming Crazy, Stupid, Love starring Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. I can’t wait to see him in a comedy. And with a killer wardrobe. It might be too much. I mean this photo, this photo is almost too much.

So now we know a little about the plot.

Steve’s wife (played by Julianne Moore) cheats on him. He tries to get back out there, meet new people, but finds that he’s way too old school, and not in a good way. Ryan has the whole game, a total player, so he agrees to coach Steve through the new reality of dating, pass on some of his man wisdom. Hilarity ensues. And somewhere along the line Ryan and Emma Stone make out a little too.


Why is July 29 so far away?

And isn’t that a change from the usual? Ryan Gosling in a high expectation summer release instead of an indie that opens in 5 theatres? Variety, I like it. Also remember, I was the first to report, Steve personally selected Ryan in the role. So his colleagues are into it too.

July 29 is a really busy day so far though. Cowboys & Aliens is schedule for that day too. And in direct comedy competition with Crazy, Stupid, Love will be Horrible Bosses with Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Colin Farrell and more. Trailers please. Give us some trailers.

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