Today is Blue Valentine Day at TIFF. He’ll be on junket, the screening is tonight, and he arrived just in time this morning at 5am, suit in hand, hair combed, shades on, and white socks. Some of you will be bitching about the white socks.

Um, look at him. All of him.

Do we really need to be talking about white socks?


As for Blue Valentine – I’m not sure if they’ve tweaked it since Cannes but the version I saw in Cannes I loved. Click here to revisit my review. If you have a chance, it’s a must, especially since Ryan is still being talked about as a contender.

I’ve been around lot of film journalists through the week, people who’ve been watching the game a long time, and most of them still think Gosling deserves a spot on the final five for Oscar. He is SO GOOD in this movie.

Ryan is promoting it here at TIFF without Michelle Williams. It’ll be press all morning and afternoon followed by the carpet. In other words, more photos are coming.

Exclusive photos from Punkd Images