Hopefully. For the next couple of weeks anyway.

Promotion on Crazy Stupid Love is beginning. The movie opens on July 29th. And I hope it’s good. I hope it’s really good. I hope it’s so good it ends up being bigger than Friends With Benefits. Because I am a petty goddamn bitch like that.

At the Harry Potter junket on Sunday, several journalists were talking about the Crazy Stupid Love junket that’s happening in New York this weekend. A few of them had seen it already. And they said they really, really liked it. I didn’t know these people though. I don’t know how discerning they are. They could have very possibly also said the same about Sex & the City 2. So...

Maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up yet.


I love the trailer so much. I have watched this trailer at least 15 times. Probably more actually. And every time it makes me smile, it makes me happy and sad at the same time. When Steve Carell says, “I should have fought for you”, I even get a little lumpy in the throat. But mostly I can’t get enough of this trailer because I KNOW this movie will make me lose my mind over Ryan Gosling again the way I did after The Notebook. I can already feel it. I mean his face, the way he looks at Emma Stone. Please. I have no chance. This is trouble. This will be a hard, hard Summer Crush.

And now Ryan is on press tour. Which means new photos all the time, new suits, new interviews, and please no walking down the street with a hipster instrument.

Here he is at Letterman yesterday. Also...because why not? The trailer. Totally making Jacek see it with me on opening day.

Photos from Wenn.com