Ryan Gosling’s Lost River was not well received in Cannes. In fact, they sh-t on it. Hard. I noticed too that it was men who were particularly unkind. Which kinda made me laugh. Ryan Gosling. That Guy. The Pillow. The one the girls want to hear right before they fall asleep.

Are they tired of Ryan Gosling? Of how women sound when Ryan Gosling comes up?

Was Cannes a HAHAHAHAH moment for them? Like, Hey Girl, his movie sucks!

“If a $200 haircut and $900 shades were given lots of money to defecate on Detroit, the result would be Ryan Gosling’s directing debut.” (Source)

The critics may have hated his film, but his mentor, or “twin” Nicolas Winding Refn thought it was beautiful:

"I think it's a beautiful, beautiful, great movie that will grow on people. There are images from it that still stick with me. Because we're twins we make the same movie. Separated at birth, we found each other. That's the thing about twins. We stick together.”

Also, Diane Keaton wants to kiss him. He’ll be fine!

Gosling was seen in LA this weekend taking a meeting and showing off his forearms.