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I must have been the only person to have not hated Brad Pitt when he bleached his hair around the time of the release of Mr & Mrs Smith. “Billy Idol called, he wants his hair back.” I dunno, I was kinda into it. Obviously not forever. But screaming and yelling about its ugliness, to me, was kind of an overreaction. Come on now. He was not ugly.

As for Ryan Gosling as a bleach blonde, it’s not my favourite, but I think I might be able to live with it for his role in The Place Beyond The Pines, now shooting in upstate New York. Gosling is working again with his director from Blue Valentine Derek Cianfrance. He plays a “motorcycle bank robber”. There’s also the business though of promoting his next releases Drive and The Ides of March at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals.

Did you see Crazy, Stupid, Love? Many of you wrote to me after seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love about how hot he is, and he was, totally, but you know, he didn’t really do it for me in Crazy, Stupid, Love because I’d just come off him in Drive, and, well, Ryan Gosling in Drive takes Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love to school. Wait until you see him in Drive. He will bring you to your knees.

Yesterday Anna sent me the link to a new interview with Gosling for Total Film. It’s done a lot to restore my faith in him. Has made up a little for the instrument playing on the street and the aquarium dating. There are a couple of eye rolly parts, like the Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck thing, but he overrides them with thoughtful, compelling, and really sexy responses elsewhere, like when he talks about his chemistry with Carey Mulligan. Or, even better, the accurate portrayal of “feminine violence”. And his thoughts on working with George Clooney. And REO Speedwagon. Which, I can’t stop hearing that song in my head now so I’m going to play it for you and make you feel the same.

Click here for the scans to the interview.

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