It’s Ryan Gosling all bloody and bulging biceps and quiver on the set of his new movie Drive. I kinda don’t care what it’s Tut! That’s disrespectful and objectifying. Ok, sorry.

But are you sorry that Blake Lively tried to deny that they’re into each other? It all started, you’ll recall, last weekend when a fan posted that they were together at a dessert shoppe at Disneyland well past midnight. And that they refused to pose together. And there were photos.

Then everyone hated on her. After that she had her publicist deny any romantic connection insisting that she’s still happily with Penn Badgley. And even though the pictures didn’t picture it, she claims there were 15 other people along for the ride too. Yeah ok, but what would be the story if he was actually interested?

Anyway, the trailer for All Good Things starring Gosling and Kirsten Dunst just hit today. I love that he’s so good at playing f-cked up. The clip itself however is rather pedestrian.


Photos from GSI