He holds babies, he hugs dogs, he plays obscure instruments walking down the street, he loves Disney, and he’s good to his mother. Those of you who get hard for Ryan Gosling are about to get even harder. And those of you who eyeroll at what you think is his Try, well, you might have something else to add to the list.

I’m kinda in the middle. Don’t feel the street yodelling, don’t feel the aquarium dates, but am definitely down with this video of Gosling stepping in as the man of peace during a fight that happened on the street in New York even though it scares me how massive his biceps are. A little too big for my liking. As you know, I like it a little more lean.

I think it’s him? It looks a lot like him? And the girls are behaving as though it’s him? Is it?

Anyway, I’m not sure when this happened since Ryan does not appear to have bleached hair under his cap, or maybe he does and his cap is doing a great job of hiding it. The clip was posted on the weekend which doesn’t mean it was shot on the weekend but it must be recent since he’s been in the New York area for a while.

My favourite part of this video though is the look on one of the combatants’ faces. Like, he went from enraged to... Oh My, Hello Ryan Gosling, thank you for rescuing me.


Thanks Maggie!

Photos from Thelonius/Splashnewsonline.com