On your 28th birthday – just received your email. By request, am attaching some Ryan Gosling goodness for you even though it means my productivity has been compromised.

Missed this photo during the Olympics – he went on a date for Valentine’s Day with some broad and came with a love balloon. KILLS ME. It’s just the corny ass thing only he can get away with. Ryan is so low key there are few recent shots of him but there is a video I just watched, a short 2 minute clip with Michelle Williams during Sundance about Blue Valentine and his interpretation of the title couple’s love story. Note the part when he’s talking about burning the photo and what remains...

And her face...

She’s looking at him like – are you for real?

It’s moments like these that lead you to believe he just might be the most intense romantic. Now didn’t that just put the love and lusty lumps in your stomach?

Happy Birthday Micol. You’ve been visiting the blog a long, long time. Thank you, love you, owe you.

PS. One more note about Ryan. And an exclusive: am told that he’s signed on to the new Steve Carell/Dan Fogelman project.