But first – all this drama about him dropping out of or getting fired from The Lovely Bones. Page Six said it was because he was intolerable to work with, aggravated the hair and makeup people, generally acted like a diva on set. Have not heard anything to confirm or deny the report although there has never been any precedent to suggest that Ryan’s professional comportment is anything like Mike Myers which is, in a word, douchey.

The LA Times on the other hand is saying that he was booted from the film for being too fat, that the director Peter Jackson felt he had put on too much weight for the role and ceased to look movie star handsome. And truth be told, if Jackson was actually prioritising “movie star” handsome for the role of Mr Salmon, as a fan of the novel, I’d say he was grossly missing the point. Who the f&ck cares if Mr Salmon was handsome??? And why would a director with Jackson’s reputation care if Mr Salmon was handsome???

Still others are insisting it was indeed a creative difference and that in spite of having packed on the pounds and growing a beard, Gosling still looked too young the part. An example of the same occurrence on a previous Jackson project would be Stuart Townsend who was originally tapped for Aragorn in LOTR but also released just before shooting in favour of Viggo Mortensen whose appearance was more seasoned and who as you all know was perfect in the end.

As for what Ryan’s doing in his free time – apparently he is spending some of it calling in to radio stations. Thanks to A in Texas for the tip.

On KLBJ radio in Austin, they’re giving a way a NASCAR package. The winner has to get the biggest star to call in on their behalf for the chance to win tickets to an important race in November. This morning… Ryan Gosling rang the station.

Not knowing if it was legit, they decided to quiz him – being that Ryan isn’t exactly George Clooney popular especially in those parts, they thought if they asked him about The Lovely Bones, they’d be able to weed out a faker.

So the question was: "you recently dropped out of a big project... in the last couple of days... what was it?"

To which he replied: “Well, I can say it was a "lovely" project.”

He also told the hosts that he was currently in Ontario visiting friends and family and that he was calling for the sister of friend.

Cute, non?