There’s a 15 page colouring book now available for purchase. Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling comes with the following back cover instruction:

"Use your felt tips to colour in Ryan Gosling driving, eating, kissing, standing, walking and all manner of handsome activities!" 

Hilarious, right?


But I also wonder why women insist on turning him into a fool. Because come on, with his fake Brooklyn accent and all, and his desire to “find the motivation” even on the set of Crazy, Stupid, Love, do you really think Ryan Gosling wants to be a colouring book?

If he does it makes him Kellan Lutz.

If he doesn’t then he may be losing control over his career. After all, he’s an actor who’s supposed to be believable in a variety of different roles. And the only role we appear to want to see him in requires him to take off his shirt and ride the ferris wheel with a rescue puppy in his lap.

Aaaaaaaad now we have our TIFF question. Gosling is coming to TIFF with The Place Beyond The Pines where, no doubt, everyone will be asking him about this on the red carpet and at the press conference. You better order it now then if it’s not sold out already - click here.