For the second day in a row, we’re opening with Ryan Gosling. Check him out in Atlanta continuing to work on The Nice Guys in 70s costume.

Gosling Fever… has it been extinguished? I feel like your intensity for him isn’t as intense as it once was. Someone said to me it’s because he went and had a baby with someone which, if that really is the case, I  find it all very animal kingdom, some British dude in a deep voiceover telling the viewer “and the female prowls off, in search for a new available male to seed her womb. We’ll catch up with her later. For now, we check in with the spotted long-tongued frog and his journey across the river”.

No information right now as to whether or not Eva Mendes and their daughter have joined him on location. But she was so good at hiding throughout her pregnancy, even if she is there, she might not come out of the rented house anyway.