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But first...

I’m sorry to do this to you so early in the morning but Ryan Gosling covers the new GQ and, well, work should be winding down for you this time of year anyway, right? Who actually works the second week of December? You’re pretending to work... while managing your quiver now.

Click here to see more photos. Then imagine this wrapped around Blake Lively. Because that’s what’s happening...


Did I kill your boner?

We discussed this at length yesterday during the LiveBlog. About being disappointed in him for hooking up with her. Why? Look at her. What guy wouldn’t? I’m not a guy and I would. And I don’t even like her. More importantly though, Ryan and Blake are good for Gossip. And, frankly, I care more about Gossip than whether or not he’s the ideal man.

For example: have you noticed that Ryan has, on more than one occasion (interview with Vanity Fair during Sundance, several magazine articles) referenced the other Ryan, Ryan Reynolds? Directly and indirectly? Both Canadian, both tall, hot, fit, one makes more money than the other and commercial films and is married to a blonde bombshell...

Now Ryan Gosling is hanging out with Harvey Weinstein and dating a blonde bombshell too...

Are your smutty senses tingling? Just me?

Maybe I’m sniffing bullsh-t but this, to me, is way more fun than him not touching me in my bed, even though I try really hard to imagine it.

Ryan was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award yesterday and today too for a Golden Globe. Same goes for Michelle Williams. Blue Valentine is receiving a lot of support. Hopefully this plays out well at the box office, and then on the way to Oscar.

Here’s Michelle last night at yet another Blue Valentine screening in Hollywood. Harvey has been relentless on the campaign trail.

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