Eva Mendes’s sweatpants comment made headlines all over the place yesterday. Click here for a refresher. I wrote that it gave us some insight into Ryan Gosling and who he’s in love with.

Ryan Gosling is now giving us some more insight into Ryan Gosling. Because he went on Twitter and posted this:



Oh but that’s good gossip, non? I mean it’s the closest we’ve gotten so far, in over 3 years, to him talking about her. And not just talking about her but basically, in a light cute way, to back the f-ck off his partner, because she didn’t mean it. She also apologised for it. On Instagram, with a picture of her sweatpants and sh-tting on orange Crocs. Which probably everyone can agree with.



It’s an interesting reaction to the reaction though, isn’t it? You know why?

Probably Moms In Sweatpants. They mobilised. And you know what happens when the judgy yummy mummy gets on a crusade about something. EVA MENDES ALREADY STOLE OUR HUNK. AND NOW SHE’S DISRESPECTING ALL MOTHERS.

I would be scared too. You don’t f-ck with that army. Not when you’re selling drugstore makeup and clothes.