It’s less than 2 hours away know from the Surgery and I’m about to call my ma. Very, very anxious. I think I need to be completely knocked out. This is what happened when I broke my arm and they had to fix it in France. I was supposed to be put under general anaesthesia to begin with but then I overheard the anaesthesiologist telling the nurse “this girl is fragile” and I think he gave me a little extra. He was a beautiful man.

Anyway, the stress has been relieved slightly though by the release of brand new Ryan Gosling photos on the set of his new film Drive. They were taken on my birthday proper on Sunday. It’s like... he knew.

This is Ryan’s second movie of the year – and there’s also something to celebrate in that too. He tends to go long stretches without filming, in part because he’s choosy, in part because he isn’t desperate, in part because there’s more to life? All good things. The only downside of course is that we don’t see him enough.

I will hold on to this during the drilling.

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