Last night at the premiere of Crazy, Stupid, Love in New York, Ryan Gosling posed with Emma Stone like she was the only woman in the world. Which is kinda what he does with his co-stars on red carpets. It was the same way with Michelle Williams too during promotion for Blue Valentine. Have I deflated your boner? I’m sorry. I’m just saying a few photos of him nuzzling her ear, and I agree they’re super sexy to look at together, aren’t enough to make a declaration that they must be together. In fact, I’d say the ear nuzzling, given privacy particularities, is actually an indication that they are NOT together. It doesn’t mean however that the ear nuzzling isn’t welcome. It’s always welcome. Especially for the imagination. Just slot yourself in Emma’s spot. You know, Ryan’s not unlike Colin Farrell when it comes to these opportunities. Colin also is rather liberal with personal space.

Let me just get it out there and over with. Goddamn he is so f-cking hot and I do love him in a suit but I think there may be something off about the pants. Is that ok? It’s not enough to override the ear nuzzling and the pure hot of him, obviously, but in some shots they might be too short and too tight.

Emma on the other hand...

This dress is sublime. Woah woah, chill, I’m not saying for us, like we could walk around all whatever and casual in Tom Ford at the wedding you’re going to this weekend, no, no. But for her, young and stylish and willing to try different shapes and silhouettes, this is not your garden variety actress in her 20s in a pretty strapless that’s all kinds of medium and not much excitement. And it’s not too ambitious for her either, the way it would be on someone who was decidedly less interesting. Like Dianna Agron. Right?

I would make the same choices if I were Emma Stone. I would choose my clothing with some adventure.

Please also take a moment to delight in the awesome gorgessity of Julianne Moore. Fist pumps for the two lady ginges.

Photos from and Ron Smits/London Entertainment/Janet Mayer/