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Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 3, 2011 13:15:41 May 3, 2011 13:15:41

Ryan Gosling hit up a 7-11 in LA today, bleary-eyed in glasses, without any socks. I like him in glasses so much. Who’s she? That, to me, looks like his sister. I bet you, if you were to walk by him in that moment, you would have been able to enjoy his sleep smell. This usually disgusts me. You know, when you pass someone on the street, or in a store, wherever, and you get a waft of their sleep smell...

Most of the time when this happens to me, it’s a Chinese person because they only shower at night and not the morning which is why I always say, to me the absolute minimum shower per day should always be two: before you leave the house for the day, and also right before bed because WHY would you want to take the entire day’s dirt, all over yourself, including, you know, your eliminations, and the residue left on your body after them, into your bed with you?

Tangent over.

My point: I don’t think I would mind Ryan Gosling’s sleep smell.

And I certainly won’t mind the often-ness of Ryan Gosling that we’re about to get for the next month or so. Ryan is headed to Cannes to present Drive. I’ve attached the first still from the film below. Drive has already secured US distribution, will open in North America in September.

After Cannes it’ll be almost time to promote Crazy Stupid Love which opens July 29th.



I’ll post the trailer again!

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