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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 25, 2011 13:34:15 August 25, 2011 13:34:15

Media screening for Drive at TIFF were held this week. One by one my colleagues have been emailing or telling me in person that the film is so f-cking good. Yes. Truth. From Cannes this was the Truth. Which is why I mentioned a few weeks ago, after seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love that Ryan Gosling didn’t do it for me in that movie because, frankly, he brings it so much harder in Drive.

The international trailer for Drive has been released. It’s the same footage, just cut differently, and I like yhe resulting atmosphere a lot more, especially with that song that plays to the end. Drive is violent. It is dark. But it is also, at its heart, an extremely moving love story.

All of that combined makes for a perfect date movie. That’s what I said. It’s a date movie. Because you know why? Drive will induce the Man Crush. Every dude I’ve talked to after seeing Drive has readily admitted to having a Man Crush on Ryan Gosling. He is a badass stud. (When, errrm, he’s not walking down the street playing an obscure instrument.) Drive opens on September 16th. Also, Ryan did I mention Ryan will be at TIFF? With George Clooney?

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