A reader emailed today in a desperate state:

Hey Lainey,
I have finals and I’m dying for a request. So right now I am swamped with finals (I'm in my final semester of ungrad!), so I was hoping you could help make my day a bit better. Could you perhaps post any pictures of Ryan Gosling?

Thanks eternally,

Ryan doesn’t pop up in pap pics every day. But he seems to when you need him the most. Here he is flying to New York yesterday with a huge suitcase and guitar. And he was spotted again in NYC today wearing his glasses walking around with some kind of instrument.

Look, let’s be fair here…

If it were anyone else, strolling around the East Village, singing to himself with a folksy mini guitar, or whatever, you’d roll your eyes and tell them to sit DOWN. Right? I mean, if this were Robert Pattinson, can you imagine the bitch please you’d be throwing down on that boy? I’m not going to set a double standard here for Ryan. It’s not my favourite move.

Having said that, Ryan in a white t-shirt. Oh la.


The Crazy Stupid Love Trailer?

Post it?


Photos from NPG