There was a W Magazine photo shoot with Michelle Williams that took place in Leslieville presumably for their film Blue Valentine. Williams is shooting a movie in town so he, and they, came to her. Jesus, his hair. And in that leather jacket. And the way he’s filling out his t-shirt. Can’t wait to see these pictures.

Although Ryan and Michelle left the shoot separately, the two met up later for dinner at Swan. Much as I wish it though, there is nothing to suggest that there was anything romantic about their evening together.

Blue Valentine is screening at TIFF. Following the film’s strong reception in Cannes, they say it could mount an Oscar run, and there’s no better place to kick off a campaign than in Toronto. I’m attaching that clip again, the one I attached a couple of months ago. Be careful when you’re watching it. The Too Much Factor is, well, it’s too much. I can hardly stand it.

Ryan also spent time with his ma before catching a flight back to Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon. Am told he was very low key at the airport, was not bothered at the gate or on the plane – he flew executive – and photos of his arrival at LAX are attached to this post, near the end. How do I work now? How???

Photos from and INF