I have been foul all week. The worst mood ever. Mostly due to a lingering cold/maybe sinus infection. But also because of detox. No more holiday drinking, no more farting around eating Oreos all day. It’s a chicken-only existence right now. I hate chicken so much. But the tv work is starting up again, we’re heading to Sundance soon, and then in 7 weeks it’s the Oscars, which means, literally, eating will not be fun until February 28. Instead, I’ll be busting it at the gym, and in the pouring rain, and dreaming about burgers and fries, pasta, mashed potatoes, dimsum, and peking duck.

Thanks God for Ryan Gosling.

He was on Ellen today. He was funny and cute and smart and articulate and engaging and really silly and very, very natural and perfect. See how quick he is? It’s because he’s present in the conversation. Because he’s not up his own ass with self-consciousness. You get a lot of these actor/actress twats, they’re all awkward and weird, and it’s because they’re too busy being inside their own heads, thinking about themselves, overanalysing their own “shyness”.

Ryan delivered a talk show clinic. Also, he looks really great in a onesie and I love when he talks about his mother.