In case you missed it – I was the first to report yesterday that Ryan Gosling and Olivia Wilde are hooking up. Click here for a refresher. The video of their date has since been pulled off of YouTube. Wonder if there was some cash money involved. You can see an edited version of them together here. It’s them, and it’s happening. Or it happened. As noted yesterday, Wilde has no reason to be in Cincinnati but to see him.

So he took her to the aquarium. He’s also, on more than one occasion, been spotted with his lady friends at Disneyland. And he and co-star Evan Rachel Wood went to the Cincinnati Zoo the other day. Those pictures were posted on the zoo’s Facebook and you can see them here.

Dude. Are you Ryan Gosling or Justin Bieber? Are you an adult male or a teen Casanova? I’m down with one visit to the amusement park, sure. But if I’m on a date and you keep taking me to places with children, you are killing my boner. It’s getting to be a little caricature-ish now, don’t you think? Where’s the line between the person and the character? Do we live on a ferris wheel? I swear to God, I wouldn’t be surprised if he, while out with one of his girls, spontaneously starts plucking an instrument and breaking into jig under lamplight on a quiet street. Ryan Gosling, are you That Guy?

As for whether or not Olivia Wilde is an improvement over Blake Lively – the majority of you raised a fist to say yes. I’m not so sure about that. Duana and discussed this over really greasy burgers yesterday before our flight out of LA. Why Is Olivia Wilde? Exactly. Needless to say then, on a professional level, Olivia Wilde isn’t exactly killing it over Blake. So if you take the professional qualification out of the equation, it’s purely a physical comparison then, right?


Blake, to me, is way hotter than Olivia Wilde.

And if you consider it from a gossip perspective, well, Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling are way better for gossip than Olivia Wilde and Ryan Gosling. Who cares about Olivia Wilde? I’m just saying…

I wouldn’t be so quick with your answer there.

Here’s Ryan, very handsome, shooting with George Clooney yesterday in Ohio.

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