Ryan Gosling was unable to join George Clooney et al in Venice at the premiere of The Ides of March. Gosling is currently in LA and was photographed today leaving a 7 Eleven looking a little sweaty which is good ...with one track pant leg hitched up which is...

I mean of course Ryan Gosling, the street walking random instrument playing Ryan Gosling has one pant leg hitched up...by accident or on purpose?

What the f-ck is your problem Lainey who cares he’s hot and that’s all that matters you don’t have to be such a bitch about everything!?!?

But he’s only hot if it’s not on purpose with the leg, you see what I’m saying? That’s why it matters. Because if you knew that it was on purpose, wouldn’t he be less hot?

No? Contrivance doesn’t get in the way of your attraction? Yeah, I wish I could say the same. It would make life a lot less selective. Or maybe that’s a choice I get to make. Today I CHOOSE to believe this is by accident and not on purpose. Carry on then. Quiver away.

Photos from PCN