Leaving Chateau Marmont last night.

Yesterday I posted photos of Ryan leaving a 7 Eleven with one track pant leg hitched up wondering if it was by accident or on purpose. Click here if you missed it. The emails I received in response were amazing, especially from those who love him.

“He was probably on a bike! I do this on a bike too!”

Yes... but, um, he was getting into a car.

Well maybe he was just coming from the gym. Yes, maybe he was.

As I noted in the original article, I CHOOSE to believe the pant hitch was not similar to whatever affliction it was that compelled him to walk down the street in New York playing a random instrument. Just as I CHOOSE to believe it wasn’t contrivance when he broke up a fight in New York - click here for the video - and had the same pant leg situation going on too. He was totally also just coming from a bike ride that day, right?

Photos from PacificCoastNews.com