Is it unfair of me to hold this against him? Along with the pretentious instrumenting in New York? Sometimes I wonder if I’m starting to go off Ryan Gosling because of how people feel about him. Like the ridiculous sightings (every day he’s in a new city and people are freaking out), and the whole Easter bunny thing, and swarming someone on Twitter who ran into him on the street -- it’s all kind of embarrassing right? Are we turning Ryan Gosling into Robert Pattinson?

Oh. And LA. There’s really no need to be in LA if you’re not shooting in LA. Why can’t he live anywhere but LA? Why can’t he live in New York? Why can’t he live at home, in Toronto, like Rachel McAdams? The answer to that question is ultimately why they couldn’t be together. Ryan Gosling is more LA than you think.

Here he is visiting a friend this week enjoying his down time. After so many back to back projects, Gosling has a break before going back to work in the fall - he’ll be filming and promoting Gangster Squad. The second trailer for Gangster Squad was released this week. I was underwhelmed by the first preview and this one isn’t much better. Sean Penn doesn’t look like he’s trying and Josh Brolin completely disappears. Is this thing going to be a mess? Maybe it’s just the way they cut it.