I thought his dog was called Ralph. I was know-it-all corrected and it’s George. But for a while I was calling him George-Ralph which I think is a great name.

Anyway, not George-Ralph just George, Ryan Gosling’s dog, accompanied him on Jimmy Fallon the other night. Did you see this interview? The internet connection at my hotel here in San Diego is slow as f-cking sh-t and I have almost, ALMOST punched a hole in the wall, and my face, from the frustration so no, I’ve not seen the whole thing, I’ve only gotten part way through because it keeps buffering but I think it gives me enough of an idea of what’s happening and how he was. Having said that, I still don’t understand why he had to bring the dog.

You know I love dogs. I have two of them. If I could they’d go everywhere with me. But the dog, with the Mohawk, and his apple, his eating of the apple, and the telling of the Turkish bath story like he’s some kind of car salesman... Ryan’s hot, totally of course, forever, but there’s a lot going on here, too much going on here, and I’m thinking, he might want to scale his sh-t back, just a little. It’s not necessary all this...embellishment.

Click here to watch Gosling on Fallon.

I much prefer his latest appearance on MTV with Josh Horowitz. They had already “Hey Girl”-ed the last time they hooked up for Blue Valentine last year. This time it’s the sequel. And there’s no extra, no instrument, no dog and a Mohawk, no jingle jangles and Try, just Ryan giggling through a really cute bit. Happily this video is only a minute long so my stupid connection could manage it.

The back of George not Ralph’s head is really cute though, non?


Photos from Wenn.com