Toronto was abuzz last night with Gosling sightings at a local bar called the Beaconsfield. They were freaking out about it on Twitter. The only thing is...

Ryan Gosling was photographed yesterday afternoon in LA on the set of Gangster Squad. And considering the time difference (he was supposedly there at 11pm ET) and that it takes 5 hours to fly from LA to Toronto, I’m not actually sure it was possible. Which makes me wonder who those people thought they were seeing. And how they could have possibly mistaken someone else for Ryan Gosling.

Anyway, Ryan looks good in red, non? Reminds me a little of what he looked like in The Notebook, the first part. When they fell in love before the war. Something about how his hair is combed. And that smile. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that smile.

Oh but he must be exhausted.

He juuuuust wrapped The Place Beyond The Pines. He’s been promoting Crazy Stupid Love and Drive. Before that he was working on The Ides of March, through the winter and early spring. Which must be why he was so low energy in Toronto. Everyone I’ve talked to who encountered him at TIFF- not just fans or cougars but behind the scenes publicists and handlers - confirmed that his charm wasn’t was downgraded, that he seemed to be a little on edge.

It’s good then, for now anyway, that he has Eva Mendes, and whatever it is that they do when they’re not at Disneyland, and hopefully it’s as hot in real life as it is in my imagination, during his downtime. Get him nice and robust before he moves on to Cameron Diaz.

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